Friday, January 10, 2014

A Little Lift

When I go into a building, I always make friends with janitors, security guards, receptionists because they are typically very nice person in a job where respect is not customarily, uniformly given. When I go to Etihad (Unity) Bank for Dozan chorus rehearsals, I always say hello to the guards even though I can't communicate with them. Generally, the same two men station the desk on Mondays and this other man on Wednesdays. We try to communicate, but the attempts are always botched, so I bring them desserts instead - in my ministry of food.

We began rehearsals once again this past Wednesday for Dozan as we are learning Arabic songs for an Arabic concert. I realized I had not seen these guards since late November because being in the play meant that we rehearsed in a different space.

I arrived Wednesday night and this security guard who speaks no English asked, "Where have you been?" and then greeted me with the customary cheek kiss on the left, but instead of the customary two on the right, he gave me five and I sensed would have kept going. I howled at the scene because the English erupted from out of nowhere.


  1. These people are so important in life but no one seems to recognize that. I have a similar story where I park in downtown Toronto to attend classes at Regis College. I speak with the parking attendants and without knowing names, we have become friends. Another woman from Regis also speaks with them and the parking attendant described me and asked her if she knew me because we are friendly with her and she detected a common spirit. It has become an opportunity to witness to our faith and it turns out we are all Catholic. What a joyful experience!

    1. Isn't that a nice story! Do you know his name now? Go ahead and ask him. He'll probably want to tell you about his family too.