Sunday, September 14, 2014

Filipina, Filipina, Everywhere

I presided at mass today and I enjoyed it so much. Prayer was easy and the quiet times at mass were filled with the presence of Christ.

I loved the music because it enhanced and complemented the liturgy. I wish I could have brought respectful liturgy to Jordan. It will take a long time to get it there because you have to wait until people are finally educated in music and liturgy. Liturgy and church traditions are so rich, but people have to finally let go off what they can control in order to trust someone who is trained in the field. Education really is essential for growth.

Anyways, after mass a Filipina came up to me and said, "I have been praying to God to give me an answer to my dilemma and you've given it to me in your homily. I took my friend's hand and I squeezed it because it was just so right." I took this woman's hand and raised it to my forehead and she squealed in delight. Five other Filipina came over to me and gave me their hands to raise and then we took photos.

Last week, I acknowledged the great number of Arabs in Boston. The Filipino community is just as numerous. I love to see their families as they are out at picnics. I always wished that the Filipinos in Jordan had their families with them because that would have been a major support for them.

Anyways, we are having a great time conversing in the Boston area - and taking photos. I think they felt at home in mass because they made a larger connection.

Today, I remembered the Filipino community as I went apple picking with some friends who were in Jordan. Since it was a little cold, I brought along the sweaters I received from the Filipinos as Christmas gifts. I appreciate their thoughtfulness and generosity. It is always so consoling to know of the enormous generosity of the Filipinos. I'm also delighted the Pope is going to visit them soon.

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