Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Yes, it is Fall

Yesterday, I heard the first round of overhead honkings from a gaggle of geese as they lunge toward the warmer southern climate for the winter. The sure sounds of fall are beginning.

In art class tonight, I brought some candy corn to give us some energy because many of us are not used to being that active at that time of night. One colleague tried it and said, "Ah, tastes of childhood." I like that phrase.

The foliage is almost at peak in Massachusetts. With the long weekend approaching, many peepers will be on the road to gaze upon the multi-colored splendor. I will be one of those peepers. Soon the leaves will be brown, so this is the time to get outside and be immersed in God's beauty.

On Sunday, I said mass at a local parish: oldtime Boston Irish, African-American, and Vietnamese. I butchered my "Good morning" in Vietnamese and the people giggled. I enjoyed the diverse congregation and the enthusiasm the people had for being at mass. I was struck by the huge difference in the Vietnamese population in comparison to the Filipino overseas. As I was leaving mass, a young woman shouted out, "Father, you are so happy. That makes me happy." We both laughed.

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