Sunday, January 4, 2015

Spanish-Speaking Mass

Ah, today was my first time presiding at a Spanish-speaking mass while also giving a homily. Six years ago, I said three masses in Spanish, but I had a Jesuit Spanish-speaker give the homily. Today was a brand new experience as I did not know anyone in the parish.

I did O.K. and it was a lot of work, especially since it was Epiphany. I felt better about my effort when the second reader kept stumbling over his reading. The pressure was off for me to be good. I only needed to be myself. Even though I said I know very little Spanish, everyone spoke to me in Spanish and they assured me I would learn. They were very gracious. I know what I wanted to say in my homily; I wonder what came out of my mouth.

The parishioners are delightful. I felt like I was back in Amman. I received so many hugs and expressions that I stay in the parish for a very long time. I just felt very blessed because the people were so precious. One woman had tears in her eyes as she came to communion because her son just died. The Gospel meets the needs of these good people.

I met with the choir and they were happy to know that I like music. They are already plotting a strategy for better music.

And best of all, we had the Three Wise Men with us.

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