Sunday, February 22, 2015


After a month and a half of saying the Spanish mass, I hope I am improving so I can be understood. The people are glad I am there, but I am wondering if they are just being polite. I think I need to listen to Spanish radio so I can get my ear in tune to the proper pronunciation of words. I felt like I had greater ease today with the language, but I am practicing in a vacuum and I think I need to evaluate soon if I am helpful to them overall.

Since we have been blanketed in snow, I showed the parishioners one of my paintings at the end of mass in hopes of thinking about la primavera, the springtime. I showed them the blue tree I painted and they seemed impressed.

We also took the choir out from behind the columns today and we had them sing a communion meditation standing in front of the congregation. We sang "Nada Te Turbe," a song they all love. The congregation enjoyed it and it was done a capella. The choir received a round of applause. After mass, everyone kept humming the song on their way home.

I brought some food to mass today as well because we only have white bread with butter after each service. Everyone descended upon the food and stuffed extras into their handbags. However, it really connected them to me, so even if the language is not working, the care for their souls (and their bellies) is working.

Many keep asking me if I will stay. I think they are trying to find out if I will stay (rather than wishing for this language-challenged priest to move on.) Somehow I have to step up my conversational skills soon.

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