Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Health Update: Birth of John the Baptist

On Day 18 of my hospitalization, I'm finally feeling like I've turned the corner. It does not feel like my body has to fight anymore but that the body, medicines, and the rehabilitation practices are working together.

Ignatius had his turn for the better on the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, which comes in just a few days. My turning point is the feast of the birth of John the Baptist. I have loved the saying, "I must decrease so he may increase," but today I want to say, "Let us increase together."

In the church year, the birth of John the Baptist is set six months apart from the birth of Jesus. We begin to lose minutes of daylight from today until Christmas, where Christ can celebrate his victory of light over darkness, when daylight increases by minutes each day until June 24th. What a perfect theological point that fits in with our astrological year.

After the tornado watch and the tropical storm warnings, the most complex sunset followed. As I sat without energy, I lifted my drowsy eyes to see charged yellow and purple-red jagged cloud formations in one window, while the east facing window projected a pastel blue and soft purple that radiates peace, just like Easter colors. Absolutely brilliant.

If you ever wondered what type of flowers work well as a hospital cheer-me-up, I suggest peonies. I love the other vibrant flowers I received but the tissue softness of the peonies capture the light from the various parts of the day and simply transform it. They look as if they are pillows, which have given me great comfort. Perfect.

While I still have days to go in my hospital recovery, my spirits feel great. Working on the pneumonia will energize me as well. Besides, I have been advanced to tasting liquids again. My tongue looks like a powdered donut. However, I'm in very good spirits again.

Diverticulitis will change my life. It will cause me to be a greater steward of my body and I will gain control over my diet. As a society, we often talk about getting together and having a meal. Well, scrap that. Let's go to a movie instead.

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