Friday, October 16, 2015


The Jesuit Community and B.C. High live in an area of town surrounded by sporadic businesses. The Boston Globe, Star Market, and Santander Bank are neighbors. Savin Hill, a residential community, is fairly isolated. Often it feels as if we are not in a regular neighborhood, especially as we are bounded by the ocean.

The other day as I walked to the Subway Station, a construction worker began to talk with me. I asked him about the construction progress and he told me of the immediate and longer-term plans. Then he said that he lived nearby. He is happy that there will be new residences to bring more people to the area, and then said, "Everyday we watch the B.C. High boys go to school and return home. We watch out for them and make sure no one is under any harm. We value who they are. They will be our future leaders and we want them to have a good experience."

Then a police officer came over and joined the conversation. He is an alumnus of the school and he assured me that they pay particular attention to the safety and well-being of the boys.

I thought, "This is so cool. All these boys have guardian angels and they do not even know it. The boys are often in their own universes as they chat with friends on their way to the subway or to school. They walk past these workers and the police every day without even knowing anything about them, and these adults shelter their lives with great concern." That is so cool.

Suddenly, I realized that I am in a rich neighborhood.

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