Friday, April 1, 2016

Invigorating First Friday

Typically, a First Friday conjures up mass in a church with devotions to the rosary. The sacred tradition has evolved. It now incorporates the art world. Every First Friday, art galleries band together and have open studios. I attended one of these First Friday celebrations tonight and it was a pure remedy for a tiring week.

The forecasted weather of rain showers and cool temperatures was off the mark. Temperatures in the high 60's and strong sunshine lit up the festivities. I felt like I was on vacation. Well-dressed people mulled the galleries and froliced in the red brick-lined courtyard. Revelers drank wine and feasted on savory snacks as they embraced one another as if awakening from a long winter's slumber. Soft lights and Latin American music spiced up the walkways. People simply enjoyed being outside without wearing winter clothing.

Artists displayed their creations on five floors of the SoWa galleries. New exhibitors and familiar friends waited with beaming eyes as patrons waltzed through their galleries. The artists, of course want to sell their products, but they are mostly looking for approval of their talents.

I felt like I was at home as I walked through the showrooms. I was honored when I heard people shout out, "Father, how are ya?" The night was invigorating and I wanted to run home and pick up my paintbrushes. O God, it felt good.


  1. So glad that the first non-lenten Friday was filled with art, music, food, wine, and life!

    1. Thanks. The First Friday in May, I hope, is warmer and brighter.