Saturday, September 3, 2016

Innovation - District and City

Each day this week I walked about 14,000 steps to maintain my physical wellness. I took some trips through the innovation district of Boston that borders the seaport. I am impressed with the whimsical nature of the statues, lighting, and green spaces. It is quite impressive to see the care that goes into the planning. I know it costs a great deal of money to commission such pieces of art, but it is glorious to see. I like the sharpness and sophistication of the exterior environment of the green and blue spaces. Boston is doing it well.

I am optimistic about what Worcester is doing. Lots of good things happen in Worcester, but it is a much smaller pool of talent, but the direction it is heading is good. I often root for the underdog and I have fond memories of living in Worcester, even though it cannot compare to Boston. It needs to find its own character.

Anyways, a few neat coffeehouses and restaurants have recently opened and the city is finally taking great pains to make the downtown area more beautiful. It has planted some gardens and enhanced its cityscaping and it will take a sustained effort. I think I'm just glad that the city is interested in upgrading its quality of life.

The city is concluding ten days of creating murals on the exteriors of some of its buildings. I hope it becomes an annual event because some of the building are tired and need invigorating. At a new coffeehouse this morning, I noticed that all the patrons were fairly well dressed and were simply enjoying the space that has been created for their enjoyment. It was unusual to see three groups of people walking around with their cameras taking pictures of the city. The fundamental thrust of the energy is very positive.

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