Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Land of the Old Testament

I arrived safely to the sacred land of the Old Testament. This is the land of:

·      The reputed site of the Garden of Eden.
·      Abraham and Lot: After setting up many altars through his travels from Iraq, Abraham agreed to take the land west of the Jordan while Lot took the land to the East.
·      Moses: when the Hebrews wandered in the desert for 40 years and Moses stayed behind after sending the people across the Jordan River.
·      Three of the Twelve Tribes of Israel settled east of the fast-flowing river.
·      Tobit and other minor prophets found refuge in the mountainous caves.
·      The author of the Song of Songs composed his lyrical verses.
·      Elijah and Elisha lived and performed miracles; Elijah ascended with his chariot to the heavens.
·      The parched desert bloomed, the mountains were made low and the valleys raised up as the Israelites returned through the Desert Highway, says Isaiah.
·      Ruth found Naomi.
·      David sent Uriah the Hittite to the Citadel to fight and die.
·      The Romans, Umayyads, and Byzantines occupied the land.
·      John the Baptist and the Essene monks settled in Qmran and Bethany across the Jordan.
·      Jesus healed many around the Sea of Tiberius (Galilee), cured the Gerasene Demoniac, found refuge at Bethany, and preached the kingdom of heaven.

...and much more.... 

Be assured of my prayers for you at these holy places. It is great to be back.


  1. I hope to be going to Jordan in the summer of 2018!

    1. Terrific. I think you will be edified and enriched.