Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Relaxing Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is one of surprises. At one Spanish-speaking mass last night, I arrived to find out I prepared a homily for Ascension but they were celebrating the Seventh Sunday of Easter. No big deal. The bigger deal was watching the bride and groom appear at the mass. After I gulped because I was so unprepared for a wedding, the pastor said he would come over and do the actual rite, which pleased me because I had no idea what to do with those coins and the super-sized rosaries that united the bride and groom. The coins were to represent the dowry and that the husband would always provide for his wife and family.

This morning, the Spanish-speaking was all set. It was announced that we would do an infant blessing at the end of mass. Previously, I prepared a whole ritual for the blessing and inserted it into the Roman Missal, but a visiting priest liked it and took it with him. Dismayed, I worked something out. However, I became a hero to the congregation when I held not one, but two, infants in my arms after the blessing and presented them to the parish. The six-day old girl was spitting up, which gave all the women a reason to get up from their chairs and assist the child, while the six-week old boy, just rested comfortably in my arms, content to pinch me repeatedly.

At the conclusion of mass, a five year old boy asked his mother if he could be baptized again so Fr. John could carry him around the church in the same way.

This evening's youth mass in English went smoothly. The youth did a nice liturgical dance, led all the songs, performed the readings, and functioned in each of the ministries. They participated well. Ah, now Memorial Day is to come - a washout but a day of rest.

Blessings to all who gave theirs lives in service to our country.

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