Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Son's a Priest

Classes are finished and there is always the possibility of now sleeping in until 7 a.m., but what did I do? I set up a 6 a.m. breakfast meeting with a longtime friend and I'm glad I did.

Tonight I walked along Boston's streets. It is noticeably absent the throngs of college students, but it is also filled with visitors. I was pleased with the number of relaxed people I encountered. Many people smiled warmly and were courteous to me and to others. I even helped a seeing-impaired man get onto the proper train because the station is undergoing renovations. After a long cold spring, I think people were just happy to be outside. I like happy people.

I visited my mother in the afternoon and it was quite a nice visit. She was devouring a cone of chocolate ice cream with great delight. We chatted for a while and then she asked if I had communion. I said, "I did," and she wanted to pray. We did the usual with many tears and expressions like, "These prayers are so beautiful and they are for me? Why did I not hear these prayers before?" After having her moment of peace and quiet, my mother turned to me and asked, "Don't you have wine for me? Don't you usually give wine with the bread?" I told her I would bring some next time.

Then she said, "There once were many priests in the schools. You would see them everywhere, but there are not that many any more. I'm glad you are one."

She then told her neighbor, "My son's a priest." One lady started talking with me and I asked if she wanted a blessing, so I gave her one and she was thankful for the prayers.

Another lady brought over a newspaper to show us a photo of her son who was just named a fire chief. She was so proud. My mother piped up, "I'm proud of my son. He's a priest." She went to tell others that her son was a priest and they kept saying, "You must be so proud.? "I am," she replied.

After a while, we chatted, I massaged her legs and tickled her toes, and she started to become sleepy. Then a friend wheeled herself over and she said, "There's my friend. Hey! Hey!" My mother went over to her, they started talking, then they held hands and smiled. It was time for my gentle exit. My mother was in good hands.

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