Friday, August 11, 2017

Four Weeks Later

I visited my mother last night after not seeing her for four and a half weeks. She seemed fine. Her memory did not seem to slip, which was encouraging. Losing the sense of time is a bit confusing for her though.

My mother talked about being imprisoned because she was saying things like, "I tried to reach you, but they would not let you see me. They didn't even tell you I was looking for you." I figured that was how she was processing my absences, but she also said she hadn't seen the rest of her family for the longest time. I kept telling her, "You've been released. You are free now. I'm sorry that happened, but let's enjoy that you are now free." She seemed comforted.

We shared a cup of ice cream and then the staff was preparing for dinner. It came time for communion and she asked if she was permitted to receive because she hadn't fasted all day. I said, "You are fine."

So, she received quietly. Then she burst into laughter. She said, "I remember the first time I received Jesus. I embarrassed my friends because I did not know how the host would taste and I started choking because it stuck to my tongue." She kept laughing and I thought it would be a good way to leave for the day.

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