Sunday, February 11, 2018

Lessen that pain!

After saying the Spanish mass this morning, the one thing I wanted to do was to go home to take a nap and then go to the Seraphim concert this afternoon, but I knew that would not happen. First, I wanted to go visit Fr. O'Neil, a 96-year old Jesuit, and Fr. Bennett, who is only 90, at Campion Center.

I enjoyed my Campion Center visit. The Center is a retreat center, housing for Jesuits, and a retirement center and infirmary. I spent about half an hour with Fr. O'Neil and then some time with Fr. Bennett before I went to lunch with the other brethren. It is really good to visit these great men.

I headed out to see my mother as this rainy dreary, but warm, day. I know the inside of my car too well.

My mother was peaceful again. I sat down gently on the bed and she screamed. I sat near her hand, which made me realize she was in a contorted state. She was leaning to her left again, but my sister told me she was positioned on her right side for a spell so she does not develop bed sores.

My mother's lower back was hurting her and she asked me to massage it a bit. It felt better, but it still caused her pain. My sister and I were talking about her pain levels and we decided to notify the staff and ask them to increase the pain medication.

Hospice is changing her medication slowly but we do not always know the plan so we have to ask them to communicate with us more. My mother has some allergies to pain medication and selecting the right one is important and complicated, but they still need to reduce the pain soon. I'm sure we will get there, but seeing someone in pain, even if it is modest pain, makes us impatient.

With all things, we have to be vigilant. My mother is mostly comfortable, but we want her to feel no pain at all. Otherwise, she is hydrating well and looking peaceful as she sleeps.

We have to keep calm and carry on.

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