Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Graduation Day

At my art class today, my instructor asked me if I would like to start painting next week! Yeah! Originally, he told me that I would need two classes of drawing before I began, but he cut it down to one class. One class equals 24 hours. So next week, I'll begin my lessons. The homework he gave me is neat, but he says he wants a more difficult picture with lots of details. Every week he keeps upping the levels tremendously. He is boosting my confidence.

My artwork seems to have a spiritual significance for my reason to be in Amman. It is curious.

Last night as I drove home from chorus rehearsal, I sighed a breath of relief as I put on my directionals to turn into our driveway. I was realizing that I've been through a lot the past two weeks and that the lion's share of the difficult juggling was over. I could retire for the evening and get to bed early. Just then, I heard a boom. The car behind me was hit my another car who was driving too fast. The driver had plenty of time to assess the situation, but he misjudged and he slammed into the car ahead of him. Oh, do I wish people would be more defensive drivers and would learn better driving habits. It kind of shook up my plans for a pleasant evening, but no one was hurt.

I have a guest from Germany who is visiting for two weeks. It is nice to get her impressions of life in Jordan from a fresh perspective. It is interesting to see how much I absorbed. She goofs over the driving patterns. She took a video of some of the drivers because she can't believe what they are thinking as they enter the roadways. I laugh because I can empathize with what she is observing.

The other day we went to Paris Square in Jebel Webdeih. I wanted to look for a mosaic class so I turned into a ceramic/mosaic shop. It is a nice collection of artwork, but they don't really do mosaics, but mosaic-etched pottery. I asked if there was a class, but the language barrier was far too great for any satisfying conversation, but the sweet woman called us into her workshop where she and another worker were making some ceramics. She showed us how she performed her craft. She was very sweet and tried to communicate the best she could and we felt bad that we had to leave before she finished. She thought she was giving us what we asked for, but we were able to see her goodness in sharing her craft. I think we received more than what we sought.

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