Monday, April 8, 2013

Morning Grace

This morning I invited a woman from daily mass to come to the Monday morning spirituality group. She was a little down and I was surprised, but very pleased that she said "yes." She loved it. It was just what she needed for the day and she was honored by all the generosity and graciousness of the others in the group.

It was a break-through for me because it is connecting one more part of the parish with another. With five separate worship sites, I am pleased when connections from one group occurs with another. This one is significant because it connects (in a sense) a sixth worship site with the larger parish as this woman is part of the daily mass contingent. Often they go to other specific-language parishes during the weekend. I sense that she will be an important conduit of information to other groups. It felt very easy because she is an intelligent woman with keen perspectives. She is very responsible and she is surprised and very pleased to see what I am offering. Such people become good allies and their news can spread out for me in helpful ways. It feels right and just.

I am feeding the birds every day and they are now regular visitors to my sill. I placed a piece of tasteless cake out there for them in small enough nougats, but I think it is tasteless to them as well. Overall, I think they are satisfied. I was told there were few birds in Amman because they have no food. Maybe I can change that.

We are in our home stretch for the chorus. The cake was devoured in seconds. No crumbs left and I am very pleased with the outcome of the butter cream frosting.

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