Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Coffeehouse

I decided to leave my office today and sit at a quiet, but busy coffeehouse to catch up on some menial activities. I imagined my day would be filled with lots of interesting Jordanians enjoying conversation. The place is very quiet, quieter than most libraries. I love it. What a gift!

However, my dream of enjoying a cup of coffee was dashed. Oh, I am enjoying a coffee, but I feel the discrepancy between rich and poor. I am, for all intents and purposes, rich, even though I don't have much money, but the security guard outside the store greeted me with a very warm smile. I remarked on his smile and he said, "It is because you are here. You make me happy."

Oh, I felt so bad. I wish he could join me and we could have a conversation. I can tell that he does not have disposable income for a coffee or pastry, so I will treat him to one upon my departure. I am just watching him peruse the area outdoors. He is a friendly chap who is making everyone he meets feel good. I wish we could all enjoy the simple delights in life that make it more memorable.

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