Monday, April 14, 2014

Ministry of Food

I ate a camel burger last night since it was supposed to be lean and healthier than cow. It tasted fine. I didn't have an adverse reaction to eat those scraggly, humpy beasts. Did you know that a camel can close its eyes and still see? That is because its eyelids are transparent so it can see where it is going in a blinding sandstorm.

I continued my ministry of food today by offering sandwiches to those people on the street I regularly pass. I am now fairly well connected to the security officers at buildings and parking lots as well as the police and soldiers I pass. I know that the army cannot accept food from anyone because of sound protocol, but they know I offer the food to them in goodwill.

I enjoy chatting with these guys even though we are frustrated that I don't know more Arabic than I have. I've spent so much time with parish that my time has not been free enough to pick up the language. Still, we communicate and it seems like I have a friendly, familiar face on every street corner now.

I did realize that as I offered sandwiches to some, they thought I was selling it to them. "Free." Oh, thank you.

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