Friday, May 30, 2014

An Unfolding Story

This is a true story of a man who hopes to become a priest.

this is the story of ma life. my real name is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from uganda east africa. am da 5th born out of 9 children 2 girls and 7 boys. am now 26. ma father died in 2000 when i was just now living with ma mum and other siblings bt our first born died in 2014 and our elder sister is married with 4 kids. my family is a very poor one. ma father died when i was in primary 5. he left behind a loan which ma mum a real peasant couldnt pay and hence half of our land was sold. consequently ma two brothers whom i was studying with dropped from school in primary 5. by God's providence i managed to finish ma primary level and got ma cousin sister as ma benefactor and took me to secondary level..

as i entered ma final year of secondary school (O'LEVEL) ma sisiter lost her job. i studied for da whole ur on da mercy of God and in the end i owed da school about 400000 shs almost 200 dollars back in 2006. i passed in first grade bt i couldnt get ma results due to tha debt. so i had to spend da whole of 2007 at home as i had no results. at that time i had developed da desire of becoming a priest bt unfortunately da claretian missionaries at our parish couldnt help me. so now it looked as if ma dream had crushed for in uganda if one is to be a priest he must have finished high school (A'level). 

then in 2008 there was a crisis for translators at our parish as we have indian priests. so da only person at that close to them was me and so they asked me to help them and willingly i started translating. thats when i drew da attention of many esp ma grand mothers brother. he decided to send me to college to train as a primary teacher which i never liked bt i had no option. so i went and qualified with a credit in i had ma 2 siblings still struggling with school ma br and sister. i started teaching in 2010. da money i made i paid fees for ma siblings and cleared some debts.dont forget that in uganda primary teachers are da worst paid among all civil servants. bt ma dream of being a priest still was on fire. thats when o came to learn of da jesuits and here they are known as men who are highly learned intelligent and professional. 

so in 2012 decided to go back to high school bt remember i had to pay fees for ma br sr niece and nephew with still uncleared debts. it was a risk bt i asked God for a miracle. i decided to study and teach at da sme time. da two schools are near to each other. so i fused da timetable of da two schools such that when am studying i dont have lessons to teach. so i would put on ma uniform go to da secondary school study then after da lesson remove ma uniform and go to da primay to teach. it was tedius bt God helped me. so i got in touch with Jesuits in uganda and told to study very hard. so i put in a lot of effort even though i was a TEACHER and STUDENT..

after two years i finished just last year. now this year our results were released and i was among the firts BEST THREE CANDIDATES in da whole country.. u cant believe it bt God made a miracle for me.. so i went back to da Jesuits bt they decided that considering da nature of ma results i should first join university..i agreed and now am going to study LAW on government sponsorship..

ma brother after his O'LEVEL had to stay at home as i studied. i have now sent him to college to also become a teacher.. ma sister now is in senior 3 ma nephew senior 1 and ma niece primary 4. all ma brothers are jobless and am da one taking care of da family. its a big cross bt God has made it so light. no one can believe that with such a background i could be da best in da country yet i studied froma remote school with no electricity, good water, shabby structures and no library..thats all i can tell u. the lord has been favourable to me. though i still have da cross to carry ma dream of being a jesuit lives on. after 5yrs of LAW i hope i will join though i will be 31 by that time. thanks for reading. MAY GOD BLESS U. FOR THER GREATER GLORY OF GOD...AD MAJOREM DEI GLORIAM

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