Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our Incredible Bodies

Practicing yoga teaches us a lot about our bodies. We probably do not think about more than 5% of our bodies each day, but with yoga, you become more attuned to your contours. It is amazing how much tension our body holds.

Today we focused upon relaxing parts of our face, including the inside of our mouths. We also relaxed our extremities, like toes and fingers. So much of our body throughout the day resists pressures rather than giving in an relaxing. We carry a constant strain. But even these very minor exercises that allow us to stretch make us mindful of those small muscles that we seldom acknowledge. It is truly amazing how the body works together.

Yoga is humbling me. Simple stretches that make us limber are sometimes difficult. They seem so easy to do, but my body doesn't always go that way without great effort. It is futile to compare yourselves with other yoga participants because our structures are radically different.

I always thought yoga would be easy and that I should use the nautilus equipment to really stretch, but I'm in the right place. I have seen that I am already a little more limber and I want to continue in this particular direction. Yoga is a challenge, but one that everyone can undertake at his or her own pace.

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