Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer’s Decline

Since last Wednesday’s record setting rainfall, the air has a definitive feel of summer’s end. Warm days still abound and we will have many pleasant days to come, but there is a distinct, but quiet quality that says ‘summer’s glory days are over.’ The daylight slips quietly into night a little earlier each day and the cool evenings are causing the marshy grasses to develop a red hue, which will soon be brown. The ‘signs of the times’ says, “prepare for winter’s grasp.”

As I settle in, I keep my eyes fixed on Iraq, Syria, Kurdistan, Gaza, and other troubled spots, and I miss the parishioners of the Sacred Heart parish, but I do feel as if I am reclaiming energy again and will re-emerge into the Jesuit world soon again.

Oh, I found a jar of vegemite the other day.

I will settle on art classes later in the week and will then prepare for a semester’s worth of study. I am looking forward to this. I feel my world tilting. It is still jarring when people call me an artist so I have to wrestle with that more. I am comfortable being an art student.

Today, I received a beautiful letter from a teacher at Cheverus High School. Years ago, we formed a faculty schola to sing at masses. When I left the school, they continued on and now call themselves “The Chevies.” They performed a concert at Ocean Park a few weeks ago and sent me the program as a thank-you for getting the group started. I am very proud of them and they continued with great singing after I left. I’m honored that they acknowledged me.

The arts will always find a way to flourish.

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