Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hello, April

The weather for these past two months have demoralized many in the Northeast USA, but the month is finally over. Hopefully, the snow is gone too. As I finished my late afternoon appointment, I was planning to rush back home to dinner, but since the sun was shining and the weather fairly warm, I extended my route in Downtown Crossing to pass through Quincy Marketplace down to South Station. I easily made my daily 10,000 steps and I was treated with signs of spring.

First, my stomach started groaning when I smelled the sausages being roasted by the sidewalk vendors. Then, the roasted almonds and pretzels were next in the olfactory line. However, I'm a vegetarian (mostly) and I was on my way to dinner.

After crunching the snow and ice the linger over the sidewalks, I noticed that Quincy Market would serve us well by taking down the snowflakes and Christmas decorations. Keep up the lights. I love the bright lights - and even the white lights. Many tired wreaths are still hung in places that could not be reached because of the massive snow piles.

But then, I saw amply growth on the Forsythia that line the Greenway in Downtown Boston. What great pleasure to see spring growth.

Sometimes I forget that I am so close to Boston. I wonder why I don't spend much more time in the City and then I realize I have the ocean. Even if I did not have that, I have my painting and all is good.

Welcome, April. Don't be cruel to us. We need a weather friend.

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