Friday, March 6, 2015

Springtime signs

Ah, we have finally pierced the heart of winter and have come through the other end. Tomorrow, we change the clocks forward, which gives us so much more daylight to brighten our spirits. It always fits in so well with Lent.

Yesterday, I was in New York City to discover sleety and icy conditions with every step. It slowed down so much of the city's pedestrian activities and the rails were slowed as well, but everyone can sense it is winter's last gasp. We know there may be a cough for a sputter before March and April bow out, but winter is whimpering away.

At my room in Worcester this morning, my prayer was pleasantly interrupted by a sheet of snow that rolled off the roof and landed with thud before my view from the window. Robins have returned and many different birds are singing brightly. Blue Jays and Cardinals color the tree branches. Color is returning to this monochrome existence.

But as I prayed, I noticed so much red in the trees. As one examines closely, the buds are building up and soon will gather nutrition from the sunlight. It is simply terrific. Even though much snow remains, it is comforting to know it will be gone within three weeks.

The tunnel months are almost over. People will get out of their houses soon and everyone will feel freer. Office and household tensions will decrease because we will feel alive again.

O.K. Off to Cape Cod to hear confessions at the KAIROS retreat.

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