Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Holy Saturday workout

I began my day by touching up a few oil paintings and I ended up finally putting my signature on each of them: JPsj. They now feel complete, but I was surprised that I accomplished something I really was not intending to do. The grace of the Triduum.

I tried to figure out a pattern for singing the Exsultet in Spanish today and I finally got a tune and rhythm in my head. To tell you the truth, it worked out fairly well. I was very surprised. It didn't sound remotely like the traditional exsultet, but it happened and people were pleased.

The service went three hours long and I spoke most of the time. Since we were in the lower church, we were in pure darkness that I could not even prepare for which prayer came next. I sat in darkness, like this entire week. The choir hardly sang so I intoned the litanies for the baptism. At the end of the day, my body felt like I had been playing a football game.

However, the great Vigil occurred and Christ has risen once again in our hearts, consciousness, and reality. People were so very happy. After a solid sleep tonight, I'll do the noon mass and then go to a family dinner. It has been quite a week.