Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Day Services

The church was jam packed with parishioners today. I stepped out of the sacristy for a brief moment and so many people wanted me to bless medals, to give them holy water, or to schedule appointments. I scurried my way back to the sanctuary of the sacristy.

Still tired from the three hour service in a foreign language last night, it was now time to go forward. Before last night's mass, I received word we were sending my mother to the hospital to combat pneumonia, so I tried to be as prayerful as I could for last night's and this morning's masses. Very tiring.

Of course, we had the grand miracle of Easter where God raised Jesus of Nazareth from the dead, but a second miracle occurred. Several weeks ago, one of the chorus member's accordion went missing before mass. He was despondent and depressed because the accordion cost over 1,000 and he has minimal funds. Well, to everyone's surprise, the man who "borrowed" the accordion returned it this morning. It was a miracle. The whole chorus and all the ministers were so very happy. We were jumping up and down in amazement. I even taught them a new accordion dance.

Well, mass went fine. I cannot believe I did these four lengthy masses day after day. I came through fine. The congregation gave a huge round of applause after the renewal of baptismal promises and the sprinkling rite. I use my hand because I want to wet everyone well. They loved it. They were all smiles and full of laughter. Getting drenched was meaningful for them. It didn't matter that it took some time because we had raucous songs to sing.

All went well and then I went off to see my family and my mother, who is doing fine. Day by day, but all is well. It was odd to drive to central Massachusetts where the temperature dropped fourteen degrees. My Easter dinner was accentuated by big flakes of snow.

Happy Easter!

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