Saturday, May 23, 2015

Murder Mystery Dinner

Have you ever played a Murder Mystery Dinner game? I recommend it. It is a very fun way of passing a four and a half hour Italian meal with friends. I attended one last night and had a blast. Fortunately, my character was not the murderer. I knew that right away because I really had no motive even though several of my family members thought I could have murdered my father. All the clues pointed to someone else and one clue was quite damning. I trusted my gut and accused the right man.

If you can get eight friends who are willing to participate, I'll cook and host the game. We had so many laughs. Prior to the game, it was a whole mystery to me. I now just want to bring this fun to others.

I could not have started my Memorial Day weekend any better than I did. The many laughs last night and then I went to a Middle Eastern cafe with a friend this morning. All the delicacies reminded me of the best of Jordan. Yummy.

When I arrived home, for some reason I took a nap. Maybe it was because I looked at all the work I needed to do and needed some inspiration. I started organizing and cleaning and I worked for six straight hours. My room is tidy and organized. I had to rearrange it last week and now I have it settled. I even wrote out the Spanish masses that I'll say for the school. All is good. When I looked at the clock, it was already 7:00 p.m. By 8:00 p.m., I started painting to make my day very complete. I enjoyed painting some tulips. Excellent day.

Now I'm ready for two masses in the morning, then I'll visit my family to celebrate my mother's birthday and Memorial Day. The weather is supposed to be just superb. I feel accomplished.

It has just been a good week. This area is filled with amazing people who are so friendly. I was on the subway on my way to a concert this week and a woman reached out to me and said, "It has been a long, long time since I saw a priest on the subway. Now I feel safe. I know I will get home because you are here." She told me all about her work with minority kids and their art projects as her organization tries to build esteem. So many people have their kindness spill out. Even after the Boston Pops concert, where I was given a free ticket through the generosity of a mutual friend, many people came up to speak with me as if I was a friend. It is quite touching. I find that I do much praying for the people I meet each day during my evening examen.

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