Sunday, May 31, 2015

The year sprints to an end

The year has passed very quickly and many institutions are getting ready for a summer break. The trauma of this past winter is still in the consciousness of many people and it seems like a cruel irony that, just as we go into the fullness of summer, we lose minutes of daylight in a mere three weeks. Nature keeps us moving along.

I said mass in Spanish for the school this past week and I'll do it again on Tuesday. I'm getting much more comfortable with the language though my comprehension and grammar must grow. I'm speaking more sentences than usual and I will be able to immerse myself more fully in language studies this summer.

We had a procession to the Mary statue today, which was quite lovely. When we safely arrived back into the church, much needed rain fell upon our parched earth.

This week will be devoted to our final touches on the Brahm's Requiem concert. I'm very excited for it.

Many aspects of my life are finally being connected. Small steps that make me feel more deeply rooted and grounded in the community are happening. Every day, something more happens that creates an easier existence. I like that.

Last Tuesday, I spent some time with church musicians and pastors as we talked about maintaining high levels of musical standards. This Tuesday, I will speak ever so briefly at a gathering of Muslims and Christians before our potluck gathering. I'm happy to keep alive my work in Jordan back here in the States.

I'm looking forward to next Sunday. In one church we will have a Tri-lingual mass (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin), but the early mass will be special. An 84 year old woman told me today that she is getting an honorary diploma at the school where she worked as a lunch aid for many years. I told her we would bless her at mass. She burst into tears with the news.

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