Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Continuing Graces

How can something so simple be so uplifting? At the retreat center, the kitchen serves Strawberry-infused and Orange-infused ice water. It is delicious. It makes boring water seem exciting. I was also pleased with the lemon and cucumber infused ice water - two tastes that displease me on their own - but together form a tasty concoction. Very nice.

The retreat is moving along nicely. Last night was dedicated to the sacrament of reconciliation, a favorite ministry of mine, and as usual, it is quite touching. Tomorrow will be a Taize evening and Thursday will be a sharing of graces with a reception. The retreat is hastening towards its end.

I am very appreciative of the quality of conversations that happen unexpectedly during retreats. An innocent question can lead to an enriching dialogue, in which we both part recognizing that a holy bond was just formed. Conversations at mealtimes are quite fun and revelatory about a person's history. This is quite a rarified atmosphere and it is so good to soak up the graces.

Today, a former directee came to visit me and he was surprised by the number of retreat directors he knew. He tells me he was inspired by my prompting him to creatively draw and color while on retreat. He has taken it to heart and is devoting great amounts of time to his craft. He is also training to become a spiritual director.

Very many connections are being made on this retreat. It is a sacred time of companionship and a deepening of friendships. I'm very grateful. So very grateful.


  1. You're in my neck of the woods! I did my first Ignatian retreat there. Sorry about the drought, but otherwise, I love this area. Thank you for sharing your reflections.

    1. Even with the drought, it is a lovely place. Ignatius keeps giving to people through the Exercises. He ought to be a Doctor of the Church with the many people he has healed.