Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Jesuit Retreat

Seventy Jesuits are attending their annual eight-day retreat in Los Altos, California. The retired archbishop of San Francisco is leading the morning discussions and he is captivating everyone's imagination. As an Ph.D. in English, he is riveting the group with his word choices and images. His reflections give us many inspirational points to ponder.

The best part of the retreat is the companionship the directors are enjoying. Since it is very relaxed, we find that we have sufficient time just to relax and to share stories. The liturgies and homilies are top notch. We know we are blessed to be in this rarefied place where we can enjoy our vocations.

We are praying for rain and and end to this four-year drought. The parched land needs relief. The mighty oaks appear sickly and the whole earth is in need of nourishment. It reminds me of Romans 8 where all of creation is groaning for redemption. We need to take better care of our environment.


  1. Prayers for all of you as you continue listening to and directing the retreatants. May each of you experience transformation and a deepening of your faith in the goodness of our Lord.

    1. We are blessed to be praying for one another and for enjoying the presence of this holy community.