Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Body Art? My Eleven Inch Scar

Today during yoga, I noticed that the movements were so much more effortless than last week. During a pause in the routines, I notice that my colleagues to the left and the right had inked themselves. I never have thought to do that to myself, but when you have an eleven inch scar running straight up from guggle to zatch, you begin to wonder how you can make it into artwork.

Perhaps I should solicit ideas.

My original thought was to make it Jacob's ladder that stretched from heaven towards earth (or the other way around) and to accentuate it with angels who ministered to the Lord.

Or maybe I could have it be a connector from the Red to Dead Sea, or make it into a map. The idea of leaving it as a scar seems banal. It could be transformed into a paw mark of some sort, or as a lightning bolt.

There must be some nice artwork with the same markings that I could have engraved on my body. I'll have to keep my eye out for a nice design.

However, I'm not into body art at all and my scar is an historical marker of an event in my life. Rather than mask what it is, I will bear it as a symbol of life's precarious nature.

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