Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Beaches are Packed

This weekend, the South Boston beaches have been totally packed with sun worshippers. Both sides of the roads were jammed with cars and the sidewalks were brimming with joggers, dog walkers, and groups of people laughing and chatting. I recall a time decades ago when no one would venture into the South Boston waters. Those times have changed. People of many nationalities and languages came to enjoy the ocean. What a great sight.

Even at 9:30 p.m., when I took a drive to Castle Island, many cars still lined both sides of the street.  I thought it would be deserted because I can only walk comfortably from my surgery when I do not fear people bumping into me. However, the place was still packed. The night air was cool and pleasant.

Sullivan's was still doing a brisk business. I can imagine they made their profit for the year on this weekend. The lines were not stopping. I noticed they even sell breakfast items. Very good. It is a great gathering spot.


Here is a curious event in my life. I am by no means a hoarder; in fact, I am always throwing out items before they have a chance to accumulate. I am a practical and thrifty man. Today, I needed a band-aid. I went to my cabinet and I used the last bandage in the box, which I bought in 1979 when I moved out of my family's home to attend school. I went thrifty and bought a 60 count Curity Curad plastic bandage pack. This durable pack lasted me 36 years! As a Jesuit, I guess I don't need all that much in life.

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