Saturday, July 18, 2015

Finding the Time

Today seemed to be a most unusual day - in a good way. A friend of mine and I arranged to take in breakfast somewhere near South Boston or Dorchester. I sought advice from a Southie Community Bulletin Board and I had such fun with the responses. I have 45 responses almost immediately. The four top choices were: My Diner (excellent economical breakfast with the best french toast), Galley Diner (working class, no frills), Muls Diner (which boasts creme brulee french toast), and McKennas at Savin Hill (great environment, quality food.) They also suggested some of the fine restaurants in the city (Local 149, Amrheins, Stephis at Southie, the Franklin, and Paramount) but we were looking for a diner this time.

I was leaning towards McKenna's because many BC High teachers recommend it and I knew it would be clean, but I thought my friend would want to try the Galley Diner, which was more than acceptable to me. We went to Galley and it was terrific. I had a ham (right off the bone) and cheese omelette with hash browns and my friend had an egg and cheese sandwich with corned beef hash. It was way too much food and it was quite good. The best part was that we were served by the friendliest staff that made us feel most welcome.

Anthony Bourdain visited the place on April 18th and made the diner famous worldwide. Their business is brisk and it seats maybe 30 people, but it is worth visiting.

Afterwards, my friend and I walked around that area of Southie and what struck us was the sense of community and friendliness of most residents. Many residences are well-appointed and renovated and there is great construction in the area that fits in architecturally.

With our IPhones, we took photos of the flowers of the area. Here are my photos:

Later in the day, my movement slowed down. I thought I would nap, but I had phone calls and emails. Since I can't yet plan too well because of my recovery, I have to play things by ear. Therefore, my planning is shoddy. I wanted to go out for a walk, but I already did that. I do not know how to best use those lull times yet and I get bored.

I made a few fruit smoothies so lift my spirits.

I started a little painting, but I could not focus so I only put broad strokes on the canvas. So, I decided to cook 30 pancakes for the community. I also cooked some bacon to go with the pancakes. They were very appreciative. i went back to the painting and then when I finished, I decided to make pizzelles.

Here is a photo of them:

I made 60 pizzelles with anise seeds. When I finished I realized I cannot eat any of them because I added the seeds. Next time I will make orange rum pizzelles so I can eat them.

Now it is time to relax for the evening.

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