Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Satisfying Week

What a good end to the week. I'm feeling great and I am almost back to normal in all activities. I went out for lunch today, which was very tasty, but I had to be very picky. Good thing because my appetite has diminished. Last night I also ate at a restaurant and I chose wisely. It just felt good to be among the living once again.

One thing that happens when one gets sick is that you are no longer noticed, so it is good to get out and about so that you are seen. I have learned a great deal about pastorally dealing with the sick in the future. The best thing is to acknowledge them as a person and then to find out what they need because those needs can change daily or even at various points in the day.

I'm back to painting again, which shows my increased level of energy. I am no longer relegated to sitting in a chair watching television because I have much greater mobility.

My plans for the weekend are to walk the beach and head out to a movie. All is going very well. I'm grateful to be alive and to be enjoying life.

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