Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Memorable Weekend

A terrific weekend. I spent an evening in Worcester with a Jesuit who often visited Portland, Maine when I lived there. It was good to reconnect with him again and to catch up on his story. We had a lively discussion at the Sole Proprietor on Highland Avenue and we were both pleased with our meals. I ordered a rare seared tuna steak that was stuffed with feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, and capers. Very tasty. Mostly, I was glad just to hang out with my Jesuit brother for the evening.

On Saturday, I validated the marriage of two friends who were civilly married last April. This couple very much wanted the church to bless their marriage because faith means so much to them. I hope the ceremony was lovely for them, but at least I enjoyed it. It was also good to connect with a Jesuit with whom I worked in Portland years ago. I was able to see two friends from Cheverus High School at the end of mass. Quite a lovely evening.

The bride was lovely; the groom handsome; both were very excited. They seemed to like the watercolor painting of a small bird that I created this week. Dinner at the Treehouse restaurant on Stevens Avenue was terrific. I had the saffron sautee, which was another very satisfying seafood meal. Such a good night.

O, and to top it off, her daughter announced her engagement to be married in 2017.

This morning I said mass in Spanish once again. I hadn't presided since October when there was a change in leadership in the Roxbury parish. I was just becoming comfortable with the language. This morning I was fearful that I would stumble over words and phrases again. I did, but at least people said they could understand every word I said, even though it was with a Bostonian accent. I'm pleased I got through it fine. I just loved that they were from El Salvador because they articulated words clearly.

The church was one hundred percent packed. There were probably over 600 people in this small church. After mass, we did the blessing of throats because Saint Blase day is on February 3rd - Candlemas. I laughed because I had not spoken the language in three months and then I had the opportunity to repeat it by rote by the end of the day.

Afterwards, I brought two Jesuit novices that live with us this semester for a tour of Boston. They are good men and I know that the Society's future is bright with  men like this being called into our order. Lastly, I said mass in English in Woburn and it was quite a fine celebration. I inserted two prayers during the intercessions: one, for the people of Flint, Michigan and their water purity crisis, and two, that civility in the Presidential Election cycle reigns and that the common good be advanced.

Now to watch Downton Abbey.

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