Thursday, January 21, 2016

Celebrating What's Right With the World

I recently was introduced to a terrific video called, "Celebrating What's Right With the World." It is a film by National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones as it captures his philosophy of telling a story through his lenses. His work captures the extraordinary as it breaks into our ordinary world.

I resonate with his photographic philosophy because it is similar to the way I view of the world. As David Fleming, S.J. would put it, "The world is a vision of Love loving." I try to have my homilies capture the same joy expressed in this video. It is always what I try to do in my painting as well. It is as if Mr. Jones has made the Ignatian Exercises as now can see the world as God sees the world.

I send you to this link where you can watch the 25 minute video. My viewing it was time well spent. I simply want you to enjoy it as well.

"Celebrating What's Right with the World" on Youtube.


  1. I can only see a one minute trailer. Do you have to pay the $7.95 to view the 30 minute version? I like the key concepts they list and love to look at good photography.

    1. I did not pay a cent and I watched the whole video. I did provide them my email address, but I wanted to be included on their distribution anyways.