Thursday, February 11, 2016

Convertios y creed el Evangelio

Mass in Spanish last night was quite a spirited time. I kept the homily brief because I knew that the distribution of ashes would take a long time. I have a sense the people are priest-oriented because I get the longest lines even though there is a Spanish-speaking deacon alongside of me. I'm grateful for him. 

Still I applied ashes to the foreheads of at least 200 people using these words:

Convertios y creed el Evangelio 


Acuerdate de que eres polvo y al polvo volveras.

I am getting practice repeating sentences in the language. 

I was wondering what the Pope would have thought of my efforts. Would he tell me to go study the language first so I give something substantial to the people or would he be happy that I am at least trying? 

I know the people took advantage of my availability for confessions. I heard (but could not respond much) to the twenty-five or so people who came to the sacrament. I caught the meaningful words. Sometimes parishioners do not like to go to their pastor, but the people do not realize that the priests only see the grace, not the sins. 

What I thought would be an hour and fifteen minutes of services turned into nearly three hours followed by a tasty but simple dinner.

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