Friday, February 19, 2016

Save the Date: America the Beautiful Concert

Keep in mind March 5th and 6th for concert to honor the United States of America. The New Hampshire and Massachusetts primaries will be in the recent past as the Presidential election cycle proceeds forth. While politics does not seem the unite the sentiments of voters, music has the ability to speak beyond words.

The major work in the concert is "The Testament of Freedom" composed in honor of the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Thomas Jefferson. The texts are writings from Mr. Jefferson.

The sentiment expressed in "The Testament of Freedom" recalls the passion and energy of the founders of the new republic. Their struggle against tyranny and unjust laws and their struggle for life, liberty, and dignity are eternal calls. Democrats and Republicans alike can be inspired by these pre-Constitutional ideals. It is a spirited tribute to the God who gave us life and liberty.

One can only feel proud of our country as this song evokes our long-ingrained patriotism.

Other pieces are from Gwyneth Walker's How Can I Keep from Singing, Mark Hayes' Swinging with the Saints, Carl Fisher's America, and Samuel Ward's America, the Beautiful, and Virgil Thompson's My Shepherd will Supply my Need.

A light-hearted set from the Irish band, The Travelers, will delight the audience in preparation for St. Patrick's Day.

This concert can heal the political divide in nation. It is certainly worth taking the time to enjoy yourself and to call to mind the virtues of our country. Come celebrate with us. The price is right: $20.00/17.00. Tickets are available at or 978.468.3077.

Come. Please come.

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