Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Quiet Day at the Monastery

I was at one of my favorite places to visit today - St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts. I visited with two friends and had some time to stop by their top notch bookstore and gift shop. The monks are now displaying gifts from each of their monasteries - honey, syrup, coffee cakes, fruitcakes, biscotti, coffee, caramels, candies, plus the regular preserves. Spencer Abbey is now working on brewing their third craft ale.

Despite a quiet, reflective day, I found myself in a hilariously unquiet lunch. The men of a particular family was making a weekend retreat, as they do every year before Holy Week. It is quite a good idea, plus it is touching that these men dedicate a week of silence to their faith.

After the guest master prayed, the scramble towards the pot roast ensued. No one spoke a word, but these bodies do not know how to move in silence. So many sounds emanated their movements - sighs, bumps, crashes, clicks, every conceivable sound. I sat in the midst of it and just laughed interiorly. These men loved their food. The retreat house was not the usual silence to which I was accustomed, but I suspect these men had a vigorous weekend with the Lord. God certainly is alive in all things.

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