Sunday, March 20, 2016

Judah Ben Hur

It is Palm Sunday and I enjoyed presiding at two masses this weekend. As I came home to relax, I prepared for the week and then turned on the television. As Downton Abbey is now over, I saw that Ben Hur was airing. The last time I watched the film was in Atlanta in 1993 during a business trip for Item Processing training. I recall talking with three men from the South who were very much Christians. They watched the film the previous night and we were able to discuss it in some length. I recall the zeal that I had for my faith.

As I watched it again tonight, I felt as though I had never seen it before. I scarcely remember anything about the first part of the movie and since I was in Jordan, I saw new things about it that I never paid attention to earlier. It was quite moving. It was a long film, with awkward music, and sometimes odd production, but it still captures my desire to follow Jesus. The first time I saw it I was committed to following that good man named Jesus and I wanted to see more of him in the film. Today, the film inspires my imagination in more mature ways, but I want to grasp onto his kindness and goodness.

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