Sunday, October 23, 2016

I'm Catching On

This weekend I presided at three Spanish language masses and I was pleased that I could truly pray the Eucharistic prayer, rather than be concerned about my pronunciation. I am impressed with the quality of singing and performing of the chorus. Even though they do not have rehearsals, they blended well and sing SATB as if they have practiced. I like how they sing boldly and have a range of instruments. Their voices are soothing and smooth and there is always something engaging for the congregation. The range of songs appeals to everyone and the chorus lights up the congregation's participation.

Because we had problems with the microphones, I was instructed to push the sound out of my diaphragm so as to project my voice. Surprisingly, it makes me pronounce the words better and with a smoother cadence. Spanish is similar to Italian in that it is like a song. I was told that my Spanish is improving greatly. These are nice words to hear. I'm becoming more confident in speaking longer sentences. It is coming along.

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