Saturday, October 8, 2016

Manual Labor

Today was a day of manual labor. I went to the family home in Douglas where I mowed down the forest at the edges of my sister's house. A few weeks ago, I mowed down the choking vines that crept up the trees making them unhealthy. Today I worked on the other side of the lawn. I cut down trees and branches and eliminated much of the unwanted groundcover.

I also planted perennials in their new garden, thanks to friends in Lynn. I planted creeping groundcovers and flox around rocks and we mulched many of the leaves. On Thanksgiving, we'll move some of the larger branches and trunks to another place in the yard as fill. The lawn will look expansive. I can't wait for spring. Helping people with gardens is such a neat gift.

At the end of the day, I'm exhausted, but nicely so. On the way home, I stopped by my former high school teacher's house since I hadn't seen him in years. It was a nice reunion.

Tomorrow, I'll attend the Red Sox post-season home game courtesy of tickets I won in a raffle. I'm delighted to be cheering on the faithful. I'll be able to watch the start of the Patriots game and the return of Tom Brady. I ought to be home in time for the start of the Presidential debate. I'm almost dreading it because I was a civilized process.

If the debate gets too bad, I'll paint instead.

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