Sunday, November 6, 2016

A widening perspective

I must say that I am enjoying the Spanish language masses. I still feel woefully inadequate, especially when I can only respond so elementary with the language during confessions. I made a breakthrough today with the parishioners. They accepted me as their priest. One child gave me a flower; three children grabbed onto my legs and hugged me; two older women gave me a blessings and hugged me. I wonder what I did to deserve it? The deacon preached today so it wasn't that they liked the homily.

Afterwards, I went to the South Boston Open Arts Studios. I had no idea these buildings existed. One of the buildings, The Rum Distillery, houses artists that live and work in the building. It is a great concept. I did not know there was a South Boston Artist Association. This building had six floors of artist galleries. I loved it and it is so close to home. This was an important find for me.

After that I attended a concert by the Seraphim Singers titled "Oppression, Exile, and Solidarity."

Jennifer Lester, the conductor writes, "All art confronts us with truths we have not quite fully seen or felt before and bring about some change in us. I have drawn together works bearing witness and standing with victims of oppression. The pieces are occasioned by events in different places - Chile, Nazi Germany, El Salvador, the U.S. Civil War, Palestinian exile, but they each confront us with suffering - and resistance - in a visceral way. The are achingly beautiful, powerful musical expressions of the complex reality of political violence and the spiritual struggle to overcome its dehumanizing effects.

A powerful weekend.

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