Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Haley House Bakery Cafe


It is November and that means the Pie Drive has begun! 

For the uninitiated, this is a fun BC High tradition that supports the good work of the folks at Haley House.  If you are ready to order, skip to the essentials.

The Haley House Bakery Café holds this annual pie drive to benefit their Transitional Employment Program.   The TEP creates employment opportunities for men and women who are turning their lives around.  (Click on the link).

The essentials… 

VARIETIES: Apple Crumb, Blueberry Crumb, Pecan, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Gluten-free Sweet Potato

HOW: To place an order, you may…
·      Email your order to Ulrich Alvarez
·      Sign up on an order form located in the Loyola Dining Room, in the Main Office by the mailboxes or in the Arrupe Office.

COST: $25.00 each  Checks made payable to Haley House Bakery Café.  

WHEN: Orders and payment are due by Tuesday, November, 15, 2016

WHERE: Pies are delivered here to the school on Tuesday, November 22 around 12:00pm

As in past years, you are invited to donate a pie* to any member of our community, student or adult.  
Thank you for joining us in support of Haley House and in this delicious opportunity to do justice with pie!


The Pie Drive Team

*When donating, please indicate if you would like the pie to be given anonymously.  Be sure to tell us the name of the intended recipient, particularly if you have an adult member of the community in mind. To facilitate the distribution of the donated pies, we’ll order all apple pies unless you indicate otherwise.

About Haley House:

Haley House’s Bakery Training Program began in 1996 at our Soup Kitchen, when formerly homeless men conspired to generate an income. They learned to bake bread and pies and then taught their new skills to college students volunteering in the soup kitchen. This process developed the men’s skills, built pride, and became a mentoring model.

Today the training program has evolved into our Transitional Employment Program (TEP), designed to assist those recently released from incarceration. This work experience allows for real-life employment opportunities in an atmosphere designed to ensure safety and stability. The production range of this program consists of the wholesale cookies, pizza dough, pies, and tea loaves. In addition to employment, participants are required to pursue additional education, and the program offers tutoring and transitional support, provided by Haley House Community Live-In members with the cooperation of Haley House volunteers. The Transitional Employment Program upholds to Haley House’s long tradition of creating opportunities for folks who are turning their lives around.

In addition to baking your pies, the participants in TEP are baking chocolate chip cookies at night for Boston College Dining Services and Northeastern University’s On the Go Shop in the Curry Student Center. We are presently seeking new outlets for the cookies in order to increase the number of participants in this program. If you have any institutional outlets that may be interested in carrying our cookies, please let us know.

Thank you for all of your ongoing support.


Your Friends at the Haley House Bakery Cafe

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