Thursday, December 7, 2017

An Exhausting Day

My mother was in a deep sleep when I visited the nursing home. Her head rested on her right arm, and she was unresponsive to my voice, my touch, or the visit of the nursing staff. For fifteen minutes, she slumped over exhausted. Finally, her head started bobbing when I sang songs from the "Jersey Boys" and massaged her cold hands.

I went to her room to get a couple of blankets to throw over her. She came too when she felt warm enough and I was able to snap this photo of her. She liked my hat and her blanket.

She needed to be adjusted in her chair because she was sore and she asked me to massage her legs. They were hurting her badly.

She then said, "I was sleeping," so I asked, "What do you dream about?" A big smile came over her. "The kids when they were so young."

I said, "You were happy then." "Yes."

"Are you happy now?" "O, yes. Mostly. Yes, I'm happy."

Then she fell back to sleep.

After eating some of the chocolates I brought for her, I went to see Gordon, whose wife is actively dying. He was happy to see me. He introduced me to his family and I went in to pray with him and his wife and to help her along the way. We chatted more and it was time for him to spend some last moments with his beloved bridge. It was sad, and at the same time, very touching.