Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lacking Internet

We are without internet for four days because someone used up the 35 gigabytes that are in our account for a monthly basis. Much activity has occurred over the past month and there are many people who could have drained the system. We cannot have it replenished until Monday.

With that said, I'm very happy for today. For the past six weeks, dancers have been rehearsing near my office. They dance to very loud dance sounds. Tonight is the performance so I am enjoying a day in my office without noise and it is a welcome respite. The performance will be nice and I'm glad they are doing it. I'm just glad that this introvert will finally have the silence he needs to be replenished.

I was at Mass today and I saw a Halloween sweatshirt worn by a Filipino man. I could clearly see

itch and

so it was obvious to me that it said something about a zombie, a witch, and a grave. When the man came to communion, I could see it really said Abercrombie and Fitch, the First Brave.

Oh, my.

The weather quite nice as it is about 77 degrees during the day. Thank God my weekend was so busy that I did not miss internet all that much. I went to the recording studio for the radio advertisement early this morning and then we had a photoshoot last night for billboards. I better get rehearsing my Arabic songs.

This weekend we celebrated Our Lady of Palestine. I have to learn more about this particular aspect of Mary, but since we are of the Jerusalem diocese it is a big day for Catholics. It is funny to think of the Holy Land as a mission territory.

After Mass on Friday, a Filipino came up to me and said, "Fr. John, of all the good homilies you give, this one excelled." I was glad to have some feedback from the community. On Saturday, the same thing happened. An Orthodox man came up to me and said, "I hope you are writing a book of your homilies because they are great." How come it happens that every time you quickly throw something together, people like it better than the ones you perfect?


  1. The answer to the query about the effectiveness of an improvised or quickly assembled homily is its vibrancy and immediacy. One doesn't over cook it and in the process denature it. It retains its roughage and goes through the system more efficiently.

  2. Lots of interesting things going on in your life! Thanks for sharing.