Saturday, October 12, 2013

Souk for the Eid

The Abdali souk is in full swing, but everyone knows it will soon be shut forever because a developer bought the valuable piece of land where it sits. Since I awoke early this morning, I toured the souk while going out for a walk. I bought two sports jackets, one pair of dress pants, and two corduroy pants for 14 JOD. Some will tell me I've overpaid, but when I looked around, everyone was sleeping out in their temporary shops. I'm not going to haggle for price reductions when people depend upon this for their livelihood.

It was quite peaceful, but now I know why people stay up late at the souk. They have no place to go. It is somewhat dangerous for them as they sleep with money in their pockets and they look dead to the world in the wee morning hours. I love watching the world wake up.

I'm also learning the value of their wares so I propose a price before they tell me their price. It works out much better and it is always good to carry a bag plastic bag in your hands because it shows them you are serious about shopping and that you already bought something at a price that is acceptable to you.

Leather jackets, corduroy pants, and fleece are in the souks these days. One of my priest colleagues jives me because I had pants that tie together instead of having the usual belt. This sets him off and he wants to buy me a new pair of pants. I'll show him today that I bought a pair for 2 JOD. He'll be both happy because I have proper priestly pants and embarrassed when I tell him I bought them at Abdali. Always keep them off-kilter just a little bit.


  1. I love the last line! I am glad that you made some purchases that make you happy. I agree that these people need to earn a living so I appreciate your attitude toward the price. Blessings.

    1. It seems like economic justice, while they think they are getting one over on me as poor tourist.