Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Good Day

I had a very productive meeting to start my day, which made me feel great. As an American, I'll always presented like acting like the wiser, more tolerant, patient older brother, but I was able to steer the conversation to higher ground and achieve what was needed. A good start.

I was very impressed with Jordanian drivers this morning. The were kind and followed decent road patterns. I attribute it to: (a.) it was early in the morning, (b.) it was in the more prosperous west end, (c.) people know the difference between right and wrong, and (d.) few people were on their mobile phones. It was a relief.

I headed over to a store that sells bathroom fixtures because we needed a few replacements parts from our renovations. After five minutes in the store, I realized that I had quite an urge to use a toilet. I just received confused looks when I asked the Arabic-speaking sales staff if they had any public toilets. I even motioned for what I needed, but in the end I had to find another place to go.

While I was buying some supplies at City Mall, I took a break and went to a Starbucks. I was very disappointed when they ran out of pumpkin lattes. With a dejected look on my face, they told me they had cinnamon spiced lattes and my face developed a smile. The whipped cream on top capped my nice morning.

The kingdom is bustling with energy today as Jordan prepares to meet Uruguay in a World Cup qualifying soccer (football) match. Flags are being waved everywhere. It is very good to see the kingdom rally around the team the call Nashama, "the brave ones." Most feel Jordan doesn't stand a chance, but the game has to be played to determine the victor. Now, if the Jordanian team can stop chain-smoking, they'll have a better chance.

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