Friday, November 15, 2013

Children's Book Recommendations

A friend wrote me about a line of children's books that she has fallen in love with and I want to share it with you!

Here are sections of her email (that I edited for the blog.)

“I've come to realize that a high number of books that I have loved for my kids (and great children's books that I discovered even before I had my own kids) were books from the UK company Usborne Publishing.

You can find some of the Usborne titles from time to time in bookstores, but the bulk of the access to Usborne books in the United States is through their direct sales program. (Think "Tupperware" or "Pampered Chef" parties)

A friend of mine, Meredith, recently became an Usborne books consultant and I have to admit that she's gotten me slightly obsessively hooked on scouring through the website and catalog finding books that I know my kids (and I) would love.

Meredith has been kind enough to set up an on-line "book party" which allows all of my friends and family to shop on-line for these books.  

But, if, like me, you're thinking about Christmas gifts, or if you just love to find new and interesting children's books to share with the little ones in your own life, you might want to take a look:

Oh, and here are just a few of my favorites:

LOTS of people ask me for children's bible recommendations.  Years ago I discovered the Usborne Children's Bible (my first awareness of this book publisher) ~ great, colorful illustrations and some of the best language I've ever found for the scripture passages told to children... I've often looked high and low for it at area bookstores:

and a whole line of super-cute-make-your-toddler-giggle board books: That's Not my Puppy... That's Not My Dinosaur... That's Not My Pirate (another huge favorite)... That's Not My Tractor... etc...

"First Encyclopedia of Science"  A great resource for my all-things-science-loving-5-year-old! (they also have encyclopedias of dinosaurs, seas and oceans, space... )

Got me through an obsession with astronauts... They have a whole line of "Look Inside" books

Seriously cute sticker books like this one: and so many more themes, I'm sure you'd find one for the child in your life!

Usborne is also partnered with Kane Miller books... and who can resist that classic: "Everyone Poops"  They also have "The Gas We Pass" and a whole series of books about a tenacious toddler princess learning to do things like say please and go to the potty that I'm eyeing for my own tenacious little toddler princess!

Gavin is learning to read and he loves to read some of their phonics readers to Leah.  This title is "Big Pig on a Dig" and there are a bunch of fun rhyming books:  
(I'm also looking into getting him this reading set for Christmas as he's so excited about his reading these days:

We just ordered this one: "The Story of Hanukkah":  because Gavin is fascinated by the stories of his friends who celebrate Hanukkah.  And I'm excited to pull out this new book when the season of Advent begins:  Gavin is lately into seasonal themed Craft projects and I'm thrilled that he's expressing his creative side!

Anyway, I could add a few more and could also list all of the books that I look at and wish I was buying, but I'll stop there for now...

Thanks for putting up with my lengthy email!

May the blessings of this holiday [Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Christmas] season of gratitude, family and community, faith and hope fill your hearts and your lives!

Lots of love,

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