Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Latin Patriarchate's Building

Israel's Interior Ministry destroyed beta back to the Latin Patriarchate
البطريرك فؤاد طوال بين انقاض المنزل الذي هدمته اسرائيل في القدس

The Israeli Interior Ministry to demolish a house inhabited by a Palestinian family of 14 people in the city of Jerusalem on the outskirts of the entrance to the city of Bethlehem, arguing that it is built without a license, according to the Latin Patriarchate, which owned.

The Patriarch Fouad Twal, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, visited the place of the destroyed house Tuesday and solidarity with the safety Mahmoud Abu Tarbush who had inhabited the house with his family of 14 people.

Patriarch Twal said to reporters, "This house is built by the Israeli occupation in 1967. "

Waddell Patriarch on the house in the aerial photograph explained that it took on June 16."This is a legal precedent against humanity, this house belongs to the Latin Patriarchate, and we have not reached ordered torn down, and will not tolerate such injustice and things will go back to normal. "

He said the Patriarch, "We came here to see what happened to Lands Patriarchate, land is identity politics and outlet must be our affiliation to the land, this land is sacred in the past and in the present and will remain a land sacred, and the Ministry of the Interior and Municipal were aware that the house of the Patriarchate. "

And seal the patriarch said, "We are a group peace and the right will not tolerate it and we will go to the Israeli courts and the world," referring to the first time that demolishes Israel has a beta of the property of the Patriarchate, and explaining that it sent letters of protest to the Jerusalem Municipality and the Ministry of the Interior and Israeli consuls Western countries.

For his part, the safety of Mahmoud Abu Fes (48 years), told AFP that "soldiers from the Israeli army and horsemen and their dogs came last Monday at five in the morning and they told us the decision of demolition under the pretext that the house built without a license, I told them that the house built before the year 67, but They proceeded with demolition indifferent to me. "

As for his wife Rouwaida Abu Fes who was sitting she and her daughters in a tent pitched the Red Cross in the place she told AFP "break IDF soldiers door of the house and entered upon us, and what rejected out one of the soldiers hit me and then took me out and hit my daughter amounting seven years old. "

She added, "my sons slept in the open but I girls Venmana when my sister, and we got in the second day of the Red Cross tents. "

For his part, the Patriarchate's lawyer said Mazen Coptic "We'll file suit against the Jerusalem municipality and the Israeli Interior to rebuild the building and a compensation claim for the loss because he built a year ago 67 letters were sent to all consuls and aerial photograph of the house that built by the Israeli occupation. "

The lawyer Muhannad Jabara, who is defending the demolition of houses in Jerusalem, he said, told AFP that "the Jerusalem municipality launched a frenzied campaign in recent times before and after the municipal elections until proven Mayor Nir Barkat as a right-wing more than the right candidate. "

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