Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A change to my schedule

I try to hold to a fairly consistent routine in my week so that I don't forget to do anything essential. Being a priest who is always in transition makes it difficult to hold to a rhythm and without any support staff, my routine is my crutch. For instance,

Fridays are morning mass, Sunday mass, baptismal and confirmation classes, then choir rehearsal.
Saturday afternoons are masses at the shelter and at Weibdeh, then a spirituality class.
Sunday morning is another mass, the choir house, then an evening mass, followed by laundry.
Monday morning is a lengthy spirituality group, and if very lucky, 1.5 hours at the studio before the Messiah concert rehearsal.
Tuesday is morning mass, a standing meeting, and homily preparation, then another evening group.
Wednesday is my day off when I can usually paint, and then chorus rehearsal.
Thursday is preparation for the weekend masses.

All other times are answering many phone calls and emails.

But this morning, I changed my routine around when I went to the studio to paint as my first priority of the day. It felt like I was cheating the boss. The studio was quiet with some rock classics on the radio station. I couldn't get to the studio last week because of the art show, so it was a delight to be back.

I worked on a portrait of an old man, then switched to a colorful portrait of a woman in defiance, and the third one I put on hold because it is a self portrait. I look at the form and it looks like me, but it is awkward to be painting one's very self. I'll do it tomorrow. I know I can't avoid it any longer. Who would want such an image hanging on their walls? After all, I'm not quite hands-on. I bought an easel so that I can paint at my house instead of fighting the traffic that wears down one's excellent good mood.

I was actually mostly happy with the driving home today. I liked it when two women pedestrians were standing on the side of the road and they clapped their hands with me as I was singing in the car.

A parishioner mentioned something after mass today that I have been feeling all this week. She said, "I feel badly enjoying this beautiful weather because so much rain is needed. Though, it is nice to have all the same."

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